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You have a product, concept of or technical problem requiring an actual solution that works. We've solved lots of problems and made 1000s of specialty products from prototypes to volume manufacturing. Specialty experience as diverse as fiber optic sensors and probes to craft beer brewing, from technologically advanced  aircraft and the mission to Pluto to medical devices, from full on manufacturing in low cost regions (eg China, SEA) to one-off specialty devices. We'll work with OTS solutions when possible or invent new devices working with advanced materials and in the most harsh environments. We were born to solve problems.

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we are primarily doers and producers versus office dwellers - TeSt us 

Businesses are the vision of the founders. But that vision must be defined, communicated and driven forward while being measured (and adapted). Realistic constraints analysis producing plans that can be funded and implemented and structures and cultures that support implementation and ultimately success, are key. How do you do this? What does it look like? How is it funded? What are the expected returns? We're "technical business people" actually doing things. We’re STEM folks who started, operated and sold, or continue to operate, our own businesses and we have banded together to get help businesses and founders accomplish their goals.

Too many business people are turned off by the venture vultures. But all venture funding or seed money is not the same. Once we get to know you and just as importantly, once you get to know us, together, we might find that we are well matched and your business needs and timing is right for early stage investment. We are open to that type of relationship as a non-predatory partner. Make no mistake, our objective in investing is to make money. But our goal is also to help you maintain control of your vision and your company. We've seen businesses ruined by venture investing and we've seen founders shown the door! That is why we spend time creating paths that can keep you from losing control early on and help your company negotiate from a position of strength for when it is time for that next level.

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We are technical people who have been to B-School, but more importantly, we've successfully started and operated our own businesses as well as bought and sold businesses. When and where appropriate, we analyze elements of a business. Top to bottom we challenge assumptions. From sales and marketing, operational constraints or financing and funding.  We ask and answer the most important questions: Who is going to be sold what and why; what are the overall potentials and how can they be achieved; and what makes us believe our own story? This is the same perspective we bring to our own products and services and we can bring it to yours. We can offer real world input that can actually make a difference.