Engineered solutions, fast prototyping, manufacturing, advising, consulting, M&A, building Value

Businesses are the vision of the founders. But that vision must be defined, communicated and driven forward while being measured and adapted. Realistic constraints analysis producing plans that can be funded and implemented and structures and cultures that support implementation and ultimately success, are key. How do you do this? What does it look like? How is it funded? What are the expected costs and returns?

We're "technical business people" actually doing things. We’re STEM folks who started, operated and sold, or continue to operate, our own businesses and together we work to help other businesses and founders accomplish their goals.

We take on engagements of all types and durations. We'll work with clear goals and with compensation tied to success. 

We prefer early stage companies where we can get to know the people who are making sacrifices! But we have operated in mature, large multi-national entities as well.

Contact us and lets see if the fit is right for both of us.