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WEBB has specific expertise in the field of Specialty Fiber Optics.

We have successfully applied fiber optic technology to specialty applications over many years and thousands of applications. We have solved unique one-off problems as well as worked through rigorous R&D cycles to produce and provide production level assemblies and fully packaged devices.


• Medical Probes and Laser Delivery
• Optical Sensors
• Spectroscopy and Optical Metrology
• Lasers
• Extreme Temperatures
• Vacuum Environments
• Harsh Chemicals
• Aerospace
• Defense
• UV/VIS, VIS/NIR and Deep UV
• Research and Development
• Data Communications in Difficult Environments
• Oil and Gas

Products Groups and Services:

• Large Core Single Fiber Assemblies
• Bundles and Arrays (Linear, V-Groove, 2D and Mapped/Oriented)
• Slit Convertors
• Probes (Transmission, Reflection, Fluorescence)
• High Power Free Standing and Water Cooled Connectors
• Vacuum Feedthroughs and Vacuum Compatible Assemblies
• Collimators and Focusing Devices
• Engineering and Problem Solving

WEBB is expert in specialty fiber optics and possesses a diversified background, broad capabilities and a proven track record of making customers successful.

When you need a product tailored to your requirements because the OTS stuff just won’t work, and you need it on time and right every time... 

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