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The new ideas and the best ideas are not being birthed in the largest corporations where the living is easy and the focus is internal.

The future is being spawned in the basements, garages and dorm rooms by people looking outward or it may already exist in a start-up looking to break out and not sure how to make that happen. Businesses with meteoric growth potential and the opportunity to change the world over the next 10-20 years are the ones being started up right now, or which have been operated for a year or two.

These new found or early stage businesses have the kernels to produce products or services that will create the world’s next “must have”, and alter the way we live.

But, those start-ups require resources and investments. Sometimes, a resource is simply access to networks of people or already existing companies, or, it might be access to knowledge and experience in business management, science and engineering, legal, accounting, or financial expertise. And sometimes its a cash infusion. Start-ups have needs!

Founders that don’t seek help when they need it, or, who just don’t perceive their company’s need, may still succeed, but they will be relying on nothing short of luck. Founders who know they don’t know everything, and whose idea and ego are big enough to work with other highly motivated and expert people are driving the odds of success in their favor.

Investing in start-ups but even more so, investing in new founders, is what WEBB does best. WEBB has started, grown, operated, bought and sold companies.  We know what it takes to go from basement to board room because we have done it. We know that start-ups with resources, contacts and access to knowledge are much more likely to succeed. We know what it takes to make an idea into a product or service, to determine if there is a market and if that market has breadth and depth and desire sufficient to create the action of purchase, if the purchase can result is income after costs, and finally, if the business can self-sustain and thrive and if so, how.

The idea and the start-up are ultimately only the first steps.

Business planning for success and the ability to respond to contact with the reality of the market, while still surviving and then thriving, that, is the hard part. WEBB has the experience. We’ve been there and we know what it takes. We can help you succeed.

If you are in a start-up or early stage situation or if you are merely contemplating a start-up, contact us, it may be the most important thing you do today.